My first term was a period of significant changes and improvements in the operation of the Santa Rosa City Schools district.  Working together, the board, teachers and staff accomplished so much!

  • Increased high school graduation rates and rates of English Learners reaching proficiency levels.
  • Passed essential financing to improve our campuses. Thank you voters for approving $229 million in bonds for the repair and improvement of your children’s schools. Those funds will provide:
    • Teacher and student safety: Bond funds will enable the district to better protect our students and teachers during times of crisis.
    • District school improvements: Funds will finance repair, renovate and modernize our school sites and administration facilities.
  • Kept more kids in school.We reduced student suspensions by 50 percent and expulsions by 80 percent by overhauling our district’s disciplinary policies and procedures and providing more child behavioral supports services and building positive communities on our campuses. We’re keeping more kids in school!
  • Better compensation, support and training for our teachers.
    • Our professional development program was revamped to focus on differentiated instruction, data analysis, incorporation of technology and project-based learning, and to better teach our English Learner students.  
    • Approved a significant raise for teachers – the first in 8 years, and increased contributions to staff health care benefits.
    • Created new positions that support teachers in their efforts to focus on academics in the classroom, by engaging students’ families, and address the social-emotional needs of students.
  • Showed our students the way after graduation.We have opened new comprehensive college and career centers at each of our high schools, and revamped our career pathways programs to ensure they are more engaging and relevant.
  • Embraced bilingual education.We opened a Spanish/English Dual Immersion charter school. 
  • Provided for greater educational equity for all students.We implemented new charter school admission policies, provided training and created new support positions with the specific goal of ensuring that Santa Rosa schools equitably provide all of our students with the education they need.
  • Worked to great a more community-driven district and impactful strategic partnerships.  We used robust community input to develop a new strategic plan and campus master plan.We partnered with local business and industry to revamp our career technical education programs.  Together with Community Action Partnership of Sonoma, we created a Community School at Cook Middle School serving children from two-years-old through middle school, as well as their parents.
  • Improved fiscal accountability and efficiency. We performed extensive system and budget audits and used those findings to create new fiscal and staffing best practices.
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